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Microblading enhances your eyebrows, making them appear full for 10-12 months without the hassle of applying makeup every day.

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The hottest trend in semi-permanent makeup

Women all over are taking advantage of microblading to make their brows appear full without the hassle of applying everyday makeup. Microblading enhances your brows instantly.

The cosmetic procedure creates the illusion of full brows using a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles. The tool is used to insert permanent pigment into the upper layers of the skin, creating the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows.




Using a topical numbing cream, the microblading procedure can take 2-3 hours. Most clients fully recover from the procedure within a few days.


Clients work with me to determine their unique brow shape and desired fullness. There's no room for guesswork in achieving the ideal brow.


Microblading eyebrows holds up against sweating, swimming, and facial wipes. On average, results can last anywhere from 10 months to 3 years.

Low Maintenance

Since the procedure provides a defined and consistent look, you'll spend less or no time filling in your eyebrows with makeup.

Low Risk

Unlike invasive procedures, microblading is low risk. The procedure is safe with a skilled and experienced professional.


Unlike permanent tattoos, microblading is semi-permanent, allowing you to change it as your preferences evolve over time.

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Payment plans available

Buy Now. Pay Monthly. Let your money go further and take better control of your cash flow when you pay in smaller, more manageable monthly installments with Cherry.

Choose from a range of monthly payment plans with some qualifying for 0% APR options. Thanks to Cherry's fast application process, you’ll be enjoying your purchase in no time - all you need is your state ID and mobile phone number to get started. If approved, manage payment options and stay in control with 24/7 access to Cherry’s self-serve patient portal.

Keisha is a true artist who has provided me with both kindness, excellent attention to detail, great communication, professionalism and gorgeous eyebrows! GISEL
I have struggled for years with my brows and Keisha was able to help me get them on point. ANGIE
I've filled my eyebrows in for years now and was just over it. I booked with Keish and had a great experience. She's professional, prompt and dedicated to her art! MELODY
I had minimal pain during the process, and Keisha is a sweet soul very personable and professional. Definitely recommend her! SAKURA

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